December 29, 2005


via gailneatoteh cloud peopal.



December 27, 2005

gona have fun fnu unfn til lord melvile takes teh frrigate away

ok! i jsut spant four days hoaled up at my parands huouse redign haratio hornblowar novals an lisenign to the beach boys.

but thares a sort a nottical theame they're wiht bof of em an by the thrid day i strated mixin em up. it got rely weird.

but im defanately covinced taht 'surfin usa' oughta be our natoinel antham.


my neice got a elf hat for crismas!

December 23, 2005

hapy holadays!

teh long lost prodigel suomichris (wlecome bakc!) says

If you stop blogging, however, I'm sure I'll throw myself off of a bridge.

ok! im gona be outa twon til teh twenysevanth! please help cris trough tihs ruogh time.

whiale im goane ill leve u wiht teh turkys! thease arnt tofurkyes these are rel ones. u can tel cuase tehyr walkign. anm theire not spheracal.

December 20, 2005

o lucky man!

i jsut looked dwon at teh sidbra an saw tihs: .

oh god i love beign mme! i feel bad for all those of u — an im prety sure tahts most a ya — what arnt.

not tat u cant live a resonbly ful life anyways in many cases.

lookit lookit i touk a pichar!!1!

so i got a neew telaphoane yestidy. it it took a whial to etlel teh girl waht i wannit cuase aparantley 'a like flapy one' isn a term of art in htat feild. im aposta know this?! jeez! but she was real nice thuogh.

an but an so anyhow im liek 'i jsut wana real cheap one an on tihs point i wil not be swayed' an shes all like 'cool we got chaep ones! oh but tihs one has litl lights taht go blink!' whcih i hada amit was prety cool evan thuogh it cost moare. an than some of em had buetooth. which is rely cool watevar it is. an u can get em with a camer in em! an an a picher in teh litle glowy thign! so aftar i tlaked to er an looked at em we dacided teh best fit for my actiave lifestiyle was a rely thin flat flapy one that u can sned email an takea picher! ok it coust abuot five tims i wanted to spend an im stil not quite suare how that hapand but its a nifty gaget anyhow.

finly las night i figrud out how ta get it opan an tihs morinign i tooka pictcher! i did! dude taht is sooo coool!


fergot ta men toin! i ast teh gril what to do with my ol phaone an she siad u can donate em to battard womens sheltars. cuase evena wihtout the sim card u can stil dial 911 wiht it. i gues teh idea is so the cops can get thare fifteen minuts later while er corpse is still warm. beter then nothign i guess but why not give em each one a these? problam solved.


stil cant figure out howta cal sombody with it thuogh. mabe this kind dosn do that. no loss. popel just talk a lota crap anyways.

December 19, 2005

hte cntredictoins of latestage capetalism expoased!!1!

ok so i was like im gona buy a miter box so i can sawl thigns at teh angal of my choice instead more er less arbatraraly.

so i loked aroun teh web pricin em an had a hidoues awakaneng w/r/t what kindna venal an carupt sociaty we live in. lookit tihs thiing! it aint a box!

girls are wierd

so i dacidad to try inernat datign an i met this chilc. like she was ok so i was like 'yaeah lets hae a vear or wahtvear'. so we agread to met at tihs bar an i siad 'il be teh tal guy with the palgue mask an hte scythe. an glases.' so i showd up an ware was she? duno. totly blew me off.

wtf? i dont unarstnad wemen worth crap. is waht teh problam is if u rely wana know.

December 13, 2005


im nod dead im just rely busy. ive got a real threealarm kneslaper abuot combinatorics in mnid but i lidterly (as in 'nonfigurativly'. i mean literely ltiaraly) dont have teh time to wriate it. biled 14.5 huors today.

ive let u all down. damit.

December 03, 2005

kiler quoate!

All you need for a movie is a girl and a gun.

Jean-Luc Godard

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