November 28, 2007

kiler ffcat!

teh modarn chickckcn is dascendned from teh red jungle fowal of malayssia.

theyl pay for this.


endogenous retroviruses. hoally toledo! this is sicence fiction!


The Death of Decency in American Life

ok so ive notiaced taht teh emial spam i get fals inta thre catgarories! 1. sex 2. drugs 3. kithchen remodaling.

numbar one an numer two i can unarstand. but #3... how dapraved have we bacome?!

wel in ffariness thats not all the spabm i get. but teh rest is in vietmanese.


November 25, 2007

Department of Astounding Revelations

November 21, 2007

sciance newws!1

Steam cell breakthrough defuses debate

steeam cels?!@ i thoguht those wen't out in teh 19th centrary.


November 15, 2007

o u pore barsttards

so i was telign sombodoy taht the londan alpyuopic logo for whaenvar was pronogarpohic an i hada googogle it to proave it. my nex mistake was to read waht i fouound the're.

Its form is inclusive yet consistent and has incredible flexibility to encourage access and participation. It can communicate with anyone from commercial organisations to kids playing sport.

yeh i agaree it communicates wifth all of em but do they rely need to be told that lissa simpsan is givigng some robot a blowjob? i mean hey mabe so. its for wiasar heeads then me i gues.

but i stil dont know waht 'lfexabilaty to encouruage' i ssupased to mean. but if u loook at teh topright of the page its got threee litle 'a' icons an if u click on teh midal one it changes teh page adres to have 'stylesheet=dyslexia' on teh end. so i was liek dude mabe it wont be gibarish anymoare! an tried that. didn help.

sory uk dudes. i fel ur paien. whan they pis our taxas away ovar he're we atleast get some cool exploasoins outa teh deal.


November 05, 2007

teh loan an leval sands...

wlaked inta teh gap taday an this chick was all like 'can we hlpe u?' an i was like 'yeah i needa shako. size nine.'

so she got all 'huh?' in my face an whatnot. the managar didn get it eithher. they wouldn let me talk tothe investars wihch struck me as abit supsiciuos. infact they gota real furtave look when i mentoined waran bufet.

so i yeled at teh manananger 'who do u thnikk u are?' an he saiid 'im the uhhh... mananagr?' so i got real loud an told im ta think hardar and he loked like he was gonna pop me in teh snoot but i began to get a eeerie sense the convasration wasnt goin anywhaere so i left.

nex time ill barf on em. goptta take a firm line with poeople.


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