April 29, 2008

Goings on in the Great North Woods: The Theater

Saw a fine play entitled Jimmy Higgins last night at the St. Lawrence here in Portland, ME. It's a one-man show about a fictitious socialist labor activist, acted and written by local theater luminary Harlan Baker. I'd figured it'd just be a lot of left-wing crap, and it was, but the script is solid, funny, and character-driven, and the guy can act. It's good stuff, immensely entertaining.

It was only at the St. L. for the one night, but it'll be at the Meg Perry Center on May 30, Dana Warp Mill in Westbrook Friday June 13, and The Theater Project in Brunswick "the first weekend in June", whatever that means. If you're in the Portland area, see it.

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April 15, 2008


so i was axplainign dtaht evary time i make apsaragrus sombododye nds up in teh hospatal. thers alwaysys vioalance.

apspargarus — teh demon weead taht driaves men mad!!1!1


Did he who made the Lamb make thee?

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April 08, 2008

wrrentch news!1!

alota poepole thsink teh inertnet isa borign placce fula notghin but pichars a nakid grils an yetis an wahtnot an folks who thikn teh moon dosn rely exist but thres some pretyt cool stuff uot the're if u just look!

musuanm of teh ajustdsable spanar!



April 07, 2008

Clear Days on teh Financial Scene

Growth in consumer burrowing slows (AP)

Well, yeah. In spring, they return to the surface.

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April 02, 2008


i thnk ima mortion


evvva saysy 'martoin'. WORNGG!!


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