October 28, 2007

teh evarexpandign fronteirs of human knowledge

ok so tihs wekend i fiared up teh hispano-suiza an wen't out an gota sliderule! their handy cuause if sobmodody walks up 2 u an asks waht the natural logaritham of a hundrad an twleve is u can stick im in teh eye iwth it an excscape wile hes disoritnated.


That's what a compass is for.
It's a bit difficult with a compass because you have to get the needle out and stop it pointing towards magnetic north (unless of course the eye to be stabbed is pointing towards magnetic south) before you can inflict any damage. Much easier to use a pair of compasses, since they will have a metal spike and, with a bit of luck, a pencil, both ready to use. (The geometrical contraption, that is, not a compass in each hand).
I prefer the Curly Howard double-poke in the eye. Woowoowoo! Of course, that does lack the cache.
I usually carry around a differential thermal analyzer.

No one ever asks me to analyze their differentials.

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