December 29, 2004

ok so enyway

i tryd 2 play a pianan but i cut my slef hitin it. on the farhed. mabe i was hitin it to hard. it hutr so i was like fuck u paina im gona play a hurgy-urgy insed.

plaing a insrament is hard.

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bestre corz u pray a hugey-urge wthi ur ands.

an but u cin oslo gek a muneky to paly it fro u.

lyka inn an stavrinsuky pees of calsicukl m yoo zik.

btw, froon IS IS IS a cruel world. U or rite.

adn thakn u for ur bulge, it is a nise golb.
You should start with something easier. Try Piano Piece for David Tudor #1 by LaMonte Young:

Bring a bale of hay and a bucket of water onto the stage for the piano to eat and drink. The performer may then feed the piano or leave it to eat by itself. The piece is over after the piano has been fed, or after the piano eats or decides not to.
Yes, try Hungbunny's suggestion. A well-fed piano will not try to attack you, and can make a wonderful domesticated pet. I know these things, I am a piano player myself.
jef u dont get it its nohtign 2 do with muzhiks. they nevar had pianhas. they plaid teh loot. but yeh staravulsky ws a muhzik er at lest his wiaf was.

but thank u guys i wil try fedang it an see how taht workes out.
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