March 08, 2005

'its not unusuel...'

moamar quadafi tom joanes

ive bean unable to confrim reprots of teh garundian's poly toyanbe tharowign her panties at mr. gadafi.

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Maybe now he's persona grata he's been given a Son of Star Wars early warning missile system in place which might have made them explode mid-parabola.

The Guardian is quite helpful on these systems, so maybe Polly's hoisted herself with her own petard, so to speak.

'Once an enemy missile is detected by early-warning radar, the information is fed into a war room. A point of interception is calculated and a defensive missile is launched. The interceptor is made up of a booster rocket and a "kill vehicle", programmed to distinguish between the incoming warhead and any debris or decoys. '
Sorry, it's Maud.
Are you really American?
muad wa-hoo! whit ultermodarn tecnolorgy we can finely destroy stratagic unmentianables in midair! but u fergot befoare they feed the infromation to the war rheum they haveto run it by the canedian priam ministar for aproaval.

nruse angus shes form teh uk i thikn.
-Doctor, Doctor. I can't stop singing The Green Green Grass of Home.

-Sounds to me like you're suffering from Tom Jones syndrome.

-Is that common?

-It's not unusual.

Ba-doom, ba-doom, tish!
jones covard that sogn?! jesus. thats evan scariar then teh joak. an i dont say taht lihgtly.
Not Maud, you, Hahaha Guardian reader.
angus no im rely amarecin. we have tihs intarweb thignie in our log cabanas now. so on clod niaghts whan we gather around teh potbely stoave to clean our guns we can raed furrin media insteda just playin our banjers.

not that theirs anythign wrorng whit banjas! heck no!
"The Essential Earl Scruggs". Is there any other kind?
Agnes, it's obvious he's a Bosotonian - all the clowns in Gloucester England are strictly vegetarian.
h.b. i hate to admit it but scrugs has been implicated in teh unspekable 'balad of jed clampet'. whihc is abot as far from esentiel as u can get. evaryboddy makes mistakes but that one takes a heap of expalainin.
Holy cheezwhiz. They are not similar they are identical.

It's hard to believe that a mere American could post something so brilliant.
maud, debris, ok maybe, but ... decoys? Panty-throwing has gotten much more serious since my day.
I'm pretty sure Gadafy is wearing a wig there.
proj thares gota be a good joak in their abot chicks thorowin they're scanties at MIRV grifin.
Any fule knows that Qadafi and Jones share only an orthodontist, eyebrow sculptor and tanning technician and not genes.

PS HAHAHA is Bosotonian for true, coz s/he writes 'panties' and not pants, knickers or lingerie. Try telling a British kid you like their green pants, and see where it gets you.
ion how do u knoaw im not fakign it? lots of berits spek ameracan! noarean for exapamel has a mastarfal comand of usian idiem.

now if id siad 'skivies' youd have cuase for consern.
So buggering blogger finally accepts comments- wonders will never cease. HaHa- I must insist you are Bosotonian. Don't rain on my parade. Noreen speaks murrcan? Never thought of the c-word as USian before, but I believe you. Implicitly.
wel ion she dosnt just spaek amarecen.
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