March 03, 2005

heeare... of...

tihs rusin guy here jsut wlaked by my desk on his way hoam an siad 'no moaar... of se hyeeare. hyeeare. of de troan.' whit a big smile. i was totly parplexd so i just grind an said 'cool!'

taht seemed to satisafy him so i gues its ok.


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Russians have very deep souls.
Not the ones who smile. They're all in the mafia.
You shouldn't have grinned at him, HA. You've just unwittingly agreed to a borscht and vodka enema.
Your desk is on the way to Russia, Arl?
Vodka enemas are a very efficient and cost-effective way of getting drunk. One shot up the arse is equivalent to half a bottle down the gullet.
uu can be in teh mafiar an have a deap soul. whiach ixplaanis teh borscht/vokda thign.

jtp wel yeh. on a spheare is anywhare not?

i was in a brar whit teh same guy onse an he ordard stolichnaya which was funy cuase he pronuonced it so corectly taht the poor girl behind teh bar had no clue what he was aksin for. well i gues she musta been kinda dim to begin whit but stil.

muad if taht evar catches on i thikn ill be avoidin bars for a whial.
Beware the hard-liquor enema!

Some guy here in the UK was given one of these a while ago (to be fair, the administrators meant well) and he was then so inconsiderate as to die.

The fun guys involved are all in jail now, where the enemas may be less fun than what they are accustomed to.
same hapaned to a guy in texas last monfth. but it was shery not hard liker. texans are moar sophistecatad then ppl think.

his wiafe did teh honers. two whoal botals! shes awiatin trial.
Someone in Bucharest once pointed to my trainers and said 'Nike, Cool!' and I said 'Cool!' and he was really happy too. It's the trans-national word of human understanding and it brings happiness to millions.
brtiging hapines to milions is what im al abot alb! er. wel mabe 'bringign hapinis to severel' anyway.
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