February 24, 2005

teh alen alda thign

ok so ive gotan a flod of queries about whats whit teh alen adla thign an all. wel heres what hapand.

i was getin launch whit onea teh guys at wrok an for some reson he mentind alda. i boared so i was like 'fuck alda hes a malevolent bloodsucking assclown.'

so he says 'no way i like alda.'

an i says 'hes a facsist. a nazi to the bone. hed invade checkoslaviakia in a minute given halfa chnance. u can see it in his eys. hes hiltler reboarn!' an i was pokin him in teh sternum whit my fingner to clarify the point.

an this dudes like 'dude thats bulshit! he was on m*a*s*h!'

wel i awys culd take or leave that stupad tv show but evaryboddy else liked it so i didn wana be rude an say anythign bad abot it. so i just decked him.

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I've always hated Alan Alda.

If Alan Alda came near my children I would kill him. Slice him up and feed him to the clowns.

If you like Alan Alda you are a cunt.

And if you are Alan Alda you are a double cunt.
Make that a duobel cnut.
I never liked that show either. And when the Manic Street Preachers covered the theme song I liked it even less. The only good thing on mash is sausages.
pater sneeze make mine a duble to!

h.b. yeh it was jsut so danm sinceare an dickles an inofensive.
mash rules. you people are sad sad idiots
gastby ill have u know im as hapy as a calm.

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