February 21, 2005

'i say its spinich an i say teh hell wiht it.'

u shuldnt et cranivors livers. wel arctic ones anyway. their fulla vitamen A whihcll make ur flesh fal off. the smyptoms are horable beyond balif (serously dont click the link if ur subject to nihgtmars or if u plan too eat today).

stoarge of viteman a in teh livar seems to be asocated whit adaptign to cold weather.

fat-slouble vitamins can be dangerus in generel but A is teh wrost.

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I OD'd on spinach once after pica-like cravings. Take a warning, and just say 'no'. Killer fact- feed flamingos spinach and they become green.
I ate a hare's heart last night, but I feel OK so far.
Can polar bears eat the livers of other polar bears?
I ate a hart's hair last night, but I feel OK so far.
j-t-p yep! reciprocally.

an iom u can fed flamingos to gila mnosters an tehy become pink. but whatvar u fed to clowans they stay teh same.

h.b. are u soure it was a carniveros one?

actuly its teh harts' hearts an teh hares hairs what u gota wtach out for.
ingesting dogs? a terrible story. bananas are also dangerous. in tanzania the main thing people eat is boiled mashed savoury bananas, like plantain but disgusting and boiled and mashed - as everyone knows, the only thing this improves is the potato - and people end up eating so much potassium that they get an irregular heartbeat. well, they all get different irregular heartbeats. let this be a lesson to you.
If eskimos don't eat bear and seal livers, what happens to them? The Arctic will knee deep in frozen livers.
They turn a dirty white for camouflage and manifest rudimentary eyes using their vast stores of vitamin A, before slithering off to plot poisonings and liverish revolutions in deep arctic crevasses of evil.
Who, me?
No, the livers. Watch out Eskimo, they're probably everywhere.
also, if you eat too many carrots you turn orange. ok, everyone knows that. but ALSO, pythagoras was allergic to broad beans. and stole the triangle from the egyptians, so it wasn't all bad. ok, everyone knows that too. never mind.
pathateras was relatad to wiliam shatner to. an te moveie radians of teh lost arc was based losely on pythegerases polygon-thevin expliots.

ok that was criminely lame.
"It is not a vulgarity to say that those who take megadoses of the water soluble vitamins are usually peeing their money down the toilet."

It's not?
Ha ha ha, do you often read the British Medical Journal's student edition?

mnk nope. why?
Oh no reason really, just being nosy. I suppose it struck me as a bit odd that anybody other than British medical students would look at it, which is really just being narrow-minded.
oh. duh. one of teh links was to thare! thats why ur askin.

i just got it form gogle. searchin for 'vitamin A poisoning' er whatever.
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