February 23, 2005


alda: 'if you interrupt me again, cavett, i'll have your skull for an ashtray.'

if u we're alan alda u wuld:


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expalianed heare.

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wy nat anxe teh suntanland.
hee lucks kinda pael.


(don't repete taht)
my joy at ur retarn is onyl ampilfied by teh unpsekable horar of taht joak!
if i were alan alda, i would sack rome, because calcutta can do the job more economically. the pope will just have to adjust to the new economic realities and become a hindu or a software engineer.

alan alda fact: "alan alda" is a anagram of "a anal lad".
Dear Alun,

Your poll can't take my query. A distrubing experience yesterday was to arrive, while driving lost, at the destination intended but missed the previous day. Is this normal, and could it be fixed by a 24-hr sedation to allow my body to catch up to its brain?


Yes, your experience is quite normal, especially in Australia where it is often tomorrow. It's nothing to be alarmed about, and your proposed treatment is in my view valid. I do recommend long-term sedation for all of my patients, but in your case any other responsible advisor would suggest the same.
i dont understand. who is alan alda? is this some american thing?
alen adla was a rumanien diplamat convictad of canibelism in teh u.s. back in the 1970's. thare was a big fus abot diplamatic imunity at teh time. he was relesed in 1997 an did a big pres tour an turned up on a lota tlak shjows. he was a sort of cause celeber for some fringe types who wnat consensuel camabilism legelized.
i chaingde miy minde.

i. sak roam.
ii. rite hoam.
iii. ende pome.

Jeff, rime bat noe resone
Did you draw that moustache on the picture of Alda or does he actually look like that?
hemigns taht mustash is teh genuine artacle! i got it form a picher a joe stalin.
teh hare to.
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