January 11, 2005

killer fcat!

no human bein has been killd by a cassowary since 1926, but that dosnt mean teh casowarys arnt stil tryin! they atacked 150 ppl from 1989 to 1999. an we can only asume there tactics wil grow moar sophisticated as they continue to study oar behavior. so dont turn ur back on em!


greeints to viositers form chaste ma laddies! i been harrylanched! wa hoo!

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Meybe thyre jast madd taht we kep puting casworory seds en ar rye bred.

Jeff, ringer
If someone beat someone else to death with a dead cassowary, would that count?
If I were a Cassowary,
On the plains of Timbuktu,
I would eat the missionary,
Cassock, bands, and hymn-book too.
hogbuggy nope! itd have to be a liev one. u culd mabe sedate it so itd hlod stil while u we're swingin it. or stun it wiht a big ruber malet.
"qicly lave witout trurning ur baxk."

sunds lak bade advixe. tchere mought bae a moa behnd u.



Verzhe too and vase tree wit refrian:

i fownd anather moa
own the cidners of Krakaotoa
he wase hopning too se et bloa
up agaaaaaaain

hi flollewed mi two samoa;
onely att th earht's coa
cold i eva shaike taht moa-
wut a payyyyn!

Ka-hoo-la-we ei! [lei! lei!]
O-ha Ta-hei-ti-wei! [lei! lei!]
A-Ha-va-ee sei!
Ka Mo-a sa-vee-hei!

Dont com to Kahoolawe! [git! scram!]
Try Tahiti! [scram! vamoose!]
Kep farr form Hawaii!
Stupped moa batsard!)

Notae beenie: it nades unkelelis nad occareenas bat th wruds re stel gud.

--Kenny Kamehameha and the Moa Kickers
jef ur rite its not a beanie. its a skulcap!

an sence weve been graced wiht a wealht of amphigory heres anohter:

a dimpled coqeuttish yougn moa
was rolin aroun on teh floa
wiht a royal marine
who swaned an he preened
an she said 'oh deah what a boah!'
thet roial maureen was a lacky faloow!

adn es Lucretios teh Edler usat too sai:

"a cassowariis astinite"

ete noe casshowharries.

Jeff, ragnar for ur bjolg
annd schamme onn u bystnder!

taht's bischope schamuel wildeberforce verze--u dint right taht! [i goggled at itt.]

Jeff, retcher befor tish bork
jaf i ahte 2 say it btu ur lcrezia teh eldar joke went ovar my hed.
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