January 09, 2005


that alaexnder movei would of ben beter if theyd of got jon clease to play philper the mastodon. cause than u culd say 'go philpar ur mastadon somwhere else u perv!'

but they dint. so the hell with it.

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thast sily. jonh cleavges culd nevr ply phluffup the methodone becus thre resons.
on. two thin
to. nut enof hare
tow. nut enof tuksks
thri. nat a mehtodone at al

Jeff, rester ov ur blek

PSC = hes sun, alcaseltzer the grate dad not livd in prehenstoriac thimes FYE.
Thanks to your insightful critique I shall not bother to see the film. No John Cleese, no sale. But if I later discover that it was excellent despite his absence, woe betide you.

ime woried abut Houari Hilton. he sais hes teth ar talkeng too ech othre lik ilgitimat cheldrun maibe hee drakne sum poemgranite jews.

Jeff -- [u no mi by nau]
hay damite! u chonged ur marquee!
thats ok hugbuny dont sweat it. wo has betidden me befoar an it didnt do any permenent harm.

jeff i thikn houris just havin troble ajdustin to his tethe grown into tukss. theyll stop chatarin after the trukn gros in. an cleaes is been bptuttin on weight latly. so u nevar know.
o an i had to chagene the marqe cause. um. wel i jsut had to.
it wsa the lax non scripta. thats why. i felt compeld.
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