January 04, 2005

'No f***ing tassels.'

they aslo hav chrocheted monstar skuls ('numbre of teth varies'). which they say are useles but u nevar know.

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Thees lok god, bot its syas "vagan yarn' i donut aete yern. bAt itis motsli not mad off mete, id ondnut thank.

firts i thot it sad "vagen yam'' bat taht dostn mak snese becieuse u aete the rooute--u klil tha hol palnt

bat hten i thouth Papaye wolould be ahppy wif thif skarse becus hi alwise sed i yem waat yi em.

ATSLO--Peels note carfly--YU SPELD PLOL RONG IN UR OPLOL. Be sarefull!

ur dreedr,

PC maeni of thes scarsf wer crerried aywa in a suntami.
i wass joinj to vot for olorogotomop because i gott to mopp bat then i saw nemo and i donut ate sumbarnines.

so i struck with gilby and his vot want upp!


PC bat tal norment i am sorey, cachtch u nax time.
I voted for the second option.
What does it mean?

jfef yaeh i dont knwo whats up with the vagen yaern. mabe its iornic. i usly figure if somthing dosnt make any sence it msut be iroyn. nermant is ok he just neds some time 2 himslef i think. an btw if u can kil a yam withot eting it it staands too reson u can et it withuot kiling it. thats logic!

ur rite about speoleng pol rong. damit i was so carful abot the spluliong to.

mnk im not sure what it mens but i think its probly ironic.
but anyway thnak u boht for voating im rely hapy my ploul is going so good!
DAm, dam, DanM! Sow bvejan yern is irornic?

Twow mucht torble. i laik may close pemnarent prerss.

Jeff, ridder

PC= i trad gvivng mi glodfush fosh sorce, bat hi dednt ate ite an tha wattre jost gort clordy. dou u haf wto sproon fed theam?
jeaf yeah im getin kind of sourd on wol. im constatly persued by teh gostly lafter of moths an the cranching suond of they're tiny jaws.

ur rite about the spon. u just ned a spoon thats rely rely small. an if u make arplane noses that helps to. gobfish are picky eters but u can sort of talk em into it if u try.
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