February 17, 2005

like wow

aristarchus of samos (~310 bc — ~230 bc) calulclated teh exact duratin of a day (34 35 36.00 hrs) to a hihg degre of certinty usign only primative eqipmnent (teh french didnt knwo the exact langth of a metre until ad 1795 so he was doin prety good).

he also inventad teh heliocentric model of teh soler systam but noboddy balieved him cause they we're all like 'yeah right! if teh earht were movign wed be swapt off in teh slipsteream!' good thinkin guys.


ok ive been geting static form some obsesive nitwit loner of a ankalbiter claimin my figure for teh langth of the day is wrorng. says its 24 hors not 34. yeah whatevar. he ofars no proaf. in any case teh lenght of the day in aristarchuses time may have bean diferent an whose bolg is this anyway urs or mine eh? in my apinian 34 is a resonable arpxopimation so go pound sand u nitpickin freak.

anothar update!

ok im getin tiard of this bozo. i just made it 35.00 an hancefoarth im gona ad anothar hour for evary spitsputterin hostile piece a crap emial i get about this isue which frankly im wery of discussin it. al im sayin is its my opinian thats how logn teh day is. surely we can ala garee taht everybodys got a right to a opinion cant we?

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teh french didnt knwo the exact langth of a metre until ad 1795Hundred centimetres, right?
yep. of course it mighta just been a lucky gues.
One would think he would have been able to work out when he was born.

Heliocentric? Big word - did that come from the Ha Ha Dictionary?
couldnt he have just got up at dawn and counted the seconds one-elephant two-elephant until the next dawn or whatever? what equipment would you need for that? maybe they didnt have elephants then.
rite! no elaphanets! al tehy had was woly mamonths which take logner to say so their hard to caliberate.

this is covard in paltos dilog betwean lysergos an freon.
"However, although ‘Elephants exist’ can be understood as ‘The property of being an elephant (or the species elephant) is instantiated at least once’, there are grave difficulties about regarding ‘Socrates exists’ as ‘Socrates is instantiated at least once’." Hmmmmmmmmm yes yes.
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