January 05, 2005

omg wtf its a dictatorship

i was drivin this mornign an a cop stoped me an he was like 'do u kno how fast u we're going' an i said yeah i was goin prety damn fast. but i was doign it ironicly.

wel he jsut loked at me like i was a idiat an he gave me a tikcket anyway! what a facist.

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bumar thet kop is a fashast al rat
bumar thet kop is a fashast al rite
u sholdnot bea inroning wile ure divring fassed by a crop---=anhoter gud resin for purnamunt parse.

us hold haf ofurd hem sum fesh soce, feshists lik it allott.

Jeff, rater of ur bulge

PD the gdold fesh jast wenkt at me wen i trod tha ltelte spon. i think he navre hard a nairplene befur. mayb ee a chow chow tarne wuld be bater.

PPQ the itheopearns call mosths fiyers dinnar--ets a gud naem.
Tell Noriment to chier upp, he iz inn ae tei!

jef if it wankd at u mabe its a afgan globfish.

im not sur what u maen abot parsing. mabe try recursaev dascent i guess. unles u mean parsee whihc would kinda make sence wiht teh afghan thign.
ahhhhhhh wha dha carp is gion on??1
ach mein Gott was ist hier passiert??
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