February 27, 2005

'thakns spam!' sez wrold socilism

Oops! I screwed up a trackback to the Daily Ablution. If you're from there, please see this post for developments in early Soviet underwear studies which wholly vindicate Milne's touching defense of dear old Comrade Stalin.

it maks me pruod!

"Without SPAM we wouldn't have been able to feed our army."

Nikita Khrushchev

teh spam website is home to many fun fccts. sopme of em are in a iritatign catechistic fromat. they say teh bridish 'relished' spam in wwii. wel mabe tehy liked it betar then starving. mabe. by the way paul theroux made up taht bit abot spam tastin like people so no fare calin margret tacher a canibel.

oh an haile selassie visted teh spam plant in 1954. dude man. far out.

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See, now if Carter and Reagan had concentrated on shutting down Spam production the Cold Ward could have been ended a decade earlier.

Speaking of Carter, he was up here last week to attend the commssioning of the USS Carter.

A lot of pointless work the ungrateful bastard caused me.

The famed "Killer Rabbit" didn't make an appearance.
SPAM was used as a B-ration - to be served in rotation with other meats... Spam is spam, it's not a meat. It's not even been fed anything! Furthermore "spam" sounds too obscene to appear on children's menus.
Typical re-invention of history. Khrushchev fed his army on oil, twigs and boiled snow. Spam was reserved for the officer class.
Good how that spam trivia page contextualizes spam's development with other historical events. Something to think about next time I eat processed meat: "what happened the year this was invented?".
I love this blog. I love it. If it didn't exist, my productivity would increase by 50%, british GDP would go up, the pound would rise further against the dollar, destabilising the transatlantic economy and causing a pan-european crash. thank god for bogol!
haile selassie, a bonnie, bonnie lassie, he's as pure as the lily in the dell...

"Rastafarianism: Dietary rules

Out of reverence for the laws of nature, most Rastafarians are vegetarian and will be concerned to eat only natural or organic food.... Pork is prohibited."


shurely shome mishtake?
a.n. didn we ship em insatant snow via murmansk?

eskimo yeh when ur etin procesed meat its vary improtent to have somehting else to thikn abot. u have aslo daduced why teh cia put me up to doin tihs. dont tel anyboddy!

odray wel was selasie actuly a rastafarian as such? i alwys thot he was more or less coopted.
well, he may not have been a rastafarian as such, but he was the original Ras Tafari. it's a bit like asking whether kafka was kafkaesque. but only a little bit.

if i decided to make you my god, I would be a Bogolian. you wouldn't though. you would therefore have more intellectual freedom, not to mention more plain common sense.

The Church of Bogol. i wonder if there's any money in that idea.
I think you are right, I beleive Haile Selassie was the mannager of Co-op in the fifties hence the visit to the span factory
bogol is right: haile selassie was a coptic christian. much to his confusion, jamaicans decided he was god incarnate based on evidence from a speech by marcus garvey. marcus garvey wasn't a rastafarian either. rastas are oddly unperturbed by all this.
ottrey - to hel whit intalecutal fredom! cult leders get teh chicks! i liek tihs idea.
oops! i mean ha ha ha. whatever your name is. i bet that's not your real name anyway.
You have two weeks left to enter: http://hawaiian105.com/MARKET/shared/ads/spam.html
I thought Selassie worked for the CIA? Rastas seem unpeturbed by most things. I was fed spam fritters with monotonous regularity at my secondary school. The menu had not changed in 40 years & had a distinct wartime austerity flavour. As did the textbooks - dunno what they tasted like, but I had a few that had my mother's name in 'em is how old they were. Ah, Maggie, how we miss you...
"odray wel was selasie a rastafarian as such?"

Is the pope catholic?!?!?
"Ah, Maggie, how we miss you..."

Is this the same Margaret Carter or whomever that Hairy is all teary-eyed about? What's up with that?
aksimo why shuld tehy be pretrubed? if sciantolegists can balieve in a space-alien-infested raligiion on teh say-so of a sciance fictoin writar the skys teh limit!

my name is arlrington copley hynes. nominaly anyway. why do ppl cal me bogol? noboddy cals hutton 'chase'.

rob i have a exgrilfreind who want to a egnlish broading schol. she wont eat food until its cold. id put diner on teh table an shed get up an wash the dishes to pass teh time until evarythign on her plaite was nice an congeled. it droave me bonkers.

waht are spam friters? dare i ask?

proj no teh paops a rasta.
Spam fritters - that's spam fried in batter. Remember we're next door to the nation that eats deep-fried Mars Bars. Er, and across the ocean from a nation that likes deep-fried turkeys. I'll stop that train of thought now.

I had some onion rings the other night that were so very fried they were like eating deep-fried batter coated in batter and deep-fried. My arteries wheezed in pain as I ate.

Forgive me, arteries, they were delicious. So full of greasy juice.
Hemmings, a college roommate of mine used to refer to such delicacies as fried fried. Knowing him, he'd probably try a deep-fried Mars bar and maybe even one of those saveloy abominations the chippers in England sell. I like to think, though, that he'd draw the line at a batter sausage.
Ohh, and those chip-shop fishcakes. Like pieces of odorous, vinegary bath sponge. If it wasn't for those, and Spam, we'd probably still have an empire.
Nonsense! It was eating the natives' food that LOST us it you fool! A well-cooked spam fritter should form a small well of grease in the centre when depressed with a fork. Truly, they are awful. Deep-fried battered black pudding however, is another matter. With mushy peas & vinegar.
Rob, I realise with blinding clarity that you're right, and I shall be going through my cupboards later and throwing out anything along the lines of mulligatawny soup and chilli sauce. Mushy peas are a good source of the many important minerals to be derived from food colourings.
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