February 27, 2005

thost for teh day

anyboddy whod waer cuflinks wuld steal sheep.


but bowties are ok!

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Anybody who'd wear cufflinks would probably rape sheep. Or am I thinking of neckties?
philip, i don't believe it's possible to rape neckties. unlike sheep, they're incapable of saying "no".
erm. they cant say 'yes' ether. so they cant consent. tharefour its imposible not to rape a nekctie.

shep on teh othar hand can comunnicate nonverbely.
Sheep, with their increasingly boxlike packaged shapes, have started to bother me. It's hard to tell their bones from goats (who are way-cool), sneaky b*ggers. I dunno nuffink bout cufflinks, but I think the Masons got'em.
Of course it is possible not to rape a necktie. All it takes is a bit of self-control. Just keep your leg of lamb in its packaging, and don't wear cufflinks.
Right, Philip. This is why I've been careful all these years to keep my house entirely necktie and cufflink free. I prefer to stick with the Ascot.
I would imagin that neckties, as inanimate objects, can neither consent or decline so the whole question is moot.

Sheep on the other hand, as animals soreley lacking in sharp pointy bits useful in rending those who offend, can't not consent - which is why we eat them.
ok amamamamaon i sugest you take tihs guy tol a chikc flick an sorta casuly drape ur aram ovar his sholders an see how it wroks out.

they suare are tasty tho! especily teh young dafenslas ones whit roasemary an balck pepar. an garlricky couscous.
Agammamon's just envious because the neckties scream only at me.
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