February 24, 2005

teh dacline of the west

thnaks to blahtterin bony ive lerned of the folwoing ghastly procedigns:

...it has been claimed the [twelve] nuns slept with a total of 43 men between them on the two-week trip...

wel i saw taht an my jaw just droped. its nothign short of obscene: if thares twelve of em then its not 'batween' is it? its 'among'! what teh hell is wrorng with thease ppl? are ther no stadnards at all any moar?

semingnly not.

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What if there were six nuns on one side and six on the other, with the forty-three men in the middle? Granted it would have to be a double bed at least; but in the circumstances, I think "between" would be more accurate, since "among" implies that the men were scattered randomly among the wimples like cardinals at the drilling of the boys' choir.
"Amazingly the 12 ladies tried to excuse their behaviour by claiming they wanted to experience sin."

You've got to admit that's a pretty audacious excuse.
You slick-talking smoothy.
philap ur grapsin at steraws!

h.b. audacus mabe but certanly resonable.

ufortunately teh whoal thigns probaly a myth.
See what happens when you ban hunting? The place fills up with bunnies.
I've had the snip, so you don't have to worry about us breeding.
Just as well really. If you wanted to practice the rhythm method with a dozen nuns, it'd take you fucking ages to synchronise their menstrual cycles. Possibly the reason the pope keeps 'em in convents?
Ya I also likewise coulden beleev they're use of "between" its like totely wrong.

I also admit to some skepticism about the article, as the nuns were not from any particular place in "America." Most of my cohemispherants can pin down their hometown within a couple thousand km, and in news stories they inevitably do.
Maybe BB was one of the 43, and being a cad, dobbed them in.

I wonder did each nun get a turn with all 43.
You sir, are a typical Bostonian prig. A number of young women decide to enjoy themselves, a rare enough thing in this our land and these our times, and you harp on an antiquated point of usage? For shame, sir! For shame!
proj yeh that was my thot. it had taht detail-free look of a news stoary whare teh 'sorce' had fuor angle brackats at teh left end of each line.

et alia its hardaly antiqated! er at lest not by botson stadnarads.
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