February 07, 2005

kilor feact!

pathageras wuldnt et beans!

he didnt like beans one damn bit. infact thers a terdition that he got kild cause he wuldnt run throgh a bean feild to escape his persuers.

whata bozo. i hoap that incident tot im a good lesson.


alert reder hobgobny says it was becas tehy thot beans loked like tentacles. and also that gas was sean as incompabible whit teh rapt contamplation of geomatry. 'teh music of hte sphears' indeed.

another update!

oops! turns out i red that wrogn. its 'testacles' not 'tenticles'.

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You can hardly blame him though:

Beans were equated with testicles, and therefore represented one's father; to eat beans was to eat the head of one's father. Furthermore they made one fart, which disturbed concentration.Fact: you can't break wind and say "hypotenuse" at the same time.
jest two kinda tern the tabels a bitt--

i red abowt wun uv thim birtish printses dokking att creet wif teh amiralty an bein surved a meel wif a dulishus corse uv lettle wite beens.

theez beenz r dulishus, ubzerved prints whasisname. o thoze arnt biens, he wuz tolled, thowze ar roostre tetsicles--a grate dillicasea amung thowze cretins.

soe u cann sea howe taht parthenos guye mought hav gott hez complecks, beying greak an awl. hoo wood wunt too runn throo a feeld uv roster tenticles?

Jeff, cocking en eare at al teh jests
I just said hypotenuse and broke wind at the same time. AND I've been eating beans. I shat meself saying 'non euclidean space' though. But then, who wouldn't?
jef i duno whod want to run throgh a feld of roster tentacles. mabe a lady rouster? hm. wel probly a seriously weird one if so.

waszat teh same prance who was princin aroun in a afrika corpse unifrom? jezus he gets imself inta a lot a wierd kindsa trouble.

as for u rob... i duno what 2 say. first u mispel 'hapotaneuse' an then u ack liek u nevar herd of a riemann surface.
i dunt thank soe, bat teh zsombies inn haytee yoozhuwully dzhoyn teh arphrica korpce.

Jeff, ime ded tyred
He also forbade his followers from touching white cocks.
Anon, you're quite right. Archaeologists deduced that fact from the color of their handkerchiefs.
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