January 30, 2005

landin ship, tank

funy-lookin thigns. handy if u wana float arond getin ur ass shot off by way of preservin teh right of habeas corpus an so on. its not actuly a joke. hope u guys get taht one workd out.


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You'll be happy to know that we've got it worked out. The LST's are no more, now adays we use helicopters, hovercraft, and smaller boats to ferry men and equipment from the larger amphibious ships (which stay farther away from shore).

Before the LST concept was finally abandoned, those types of ships got much larger - in the 60-80,000 ton range and were still able to ram themselves onto the beach, offload, and then retract.
They all look alive to me. No habeas corpses in that picture.
agamomomom 80,000 tons? holy crapola! hate to haive one a them driave up my fromt lawn.

er spaterbatom its teh right of habus corporealis not the obligation. so none of ems exersisin it rite thear. an thats ok. i mean yeah sure a rite not exarsisd is a rihgt lost. but a right not not exersiased (at lest sometims) is a pain in the ass. an prety tirin.
wat i wahnt too noe iz, ar *al* thoze menn naemed anzio?

Jeff, saend gats en may bretches
Why HHH, if I wasn't simmering deliciously on a cloud of gaseous Tecate right now, I'd think that you were defending the U.S military command in its aim of "spreading" freedom.

"Greetings, heathens! Pardon our tank-birthing boat here... We bring you freedom! We also bring fancy cigarettes, come and get em
hmm. jef u mite wnat 2 go easy on taht stuff.
erp. oops. didnt maen jef. meaent ralf.

2 jef i wnated to say taht moast of em ar namid anizo but some of em are namd clive.
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