January 26, 2005

kiler fact!

whan the u.s. 45th infandtry division invaided sicily in july 1943 they brot 83 tons of maps with em. thats abot 75 metric tons. thats a lota maps.

source: ernie pyle, brave men, page 68

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And that's why the mapia are so big in Sicily. Boom boom!
johny carson is dead. logn live hogbogy. dear god mak it stop.
83 tuns uv mops? sownds leik a tripetick from tripple A.

how menny tuns of mops ded we hav wen we envaded irac?

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff

Peeyes ar thar enny cuntries wee havnet ivnaded? ef soe mybe ets becous of noe mops.
jef i tnihk tey were mosly rollmops. whihc ganeva has since band.
yes. hou menny bannds at the geniva covnention?

but teh wrollmops pahrt onely aplies to yuniformed miletery ov a sovrin stete knot to insplurgeants like osmomma bin leaden. end four clening upp oyl spils.

Jeff, kep on mopin
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