January 25, 2005

search strengs

peple have raeched this bolg avter serching for teh folowin terms:

casowarys (yahoo)
fish smels like cat (this 1 no longar finds me)

i am proudd of this edafice what i have builted here. danmed proud.

forther crees de cur from hte trackles wasts of the inernet:

www.big.scery.bats. (yahoo)
funy lep
magnatic & mind
FUNY pichers
killler beans
wtf its omg

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I arrived here after searching for a lost sock, and I liked it so much I stayed. Your pride is more than justified, sir.
i hunderstand teh sintinse, "Enyway, cassowarys, fesh smalls leik catt." bat i downt unnerstend the sproon plolls.

Jeff, stil sarching for ma olorogotomop
Google hits are themselves a form of plol.
erm. hugbobby. i erm. well. i kinda et the sock. sory.

jef u cant unerstan sproon plols. u jsut have 2 exparience em.
oh er actuly mr albano neutral theyre a form of plov. which sorta purts a difernt completxtion on it.
Your "bolg" is an incoherent mush, or maybe more like a hash: a hash of Ulysses and the worst of Irvine Welsh. Reading this slush is like sitting at a bar with 3 drunken Australians.. after a while you have to struggle against talking [i]just like them[/i].

Hideous, hideous. Good plan about the ducks though.
"An incoherent mush... a hash ... the worst of Irvine Welsh... slush... hideous, hideous."

I don't know. It isn't that bad.

Harry Hutton
what scares me is taht he sems to have read enough wealsh 2 have identifid moar then one level of quality. which is alot more then ive bean able to wade through leme tellya.

teh only thing walshs got that i aint got is people actuly wana read im. mear popularity. bah! im an artist.
Actually, HHH, of Welsh I've read only "wi ya dinae hef tae splish dif din doon de bairn ye coont" Trainspotting, and then the one with the tapeworm: at that reading I figured I'd found the worst: it is unimaginable humanity debasing itself lower tha--** ALERT TAPEWORM TALKING I HAVE FOUND THE DISEASED KIDNEYS AND AM FEASTING ON THE DELECTABLE FAT DEPOSITS RIGHT NOW PLEASE ENJOY THE SECOND HALF OF THIS CHAPTER AH A PUS HEMMORAGE EXCUSE ME SEE YOU NEXT PARAGRAPH** --n that one. What was it called? A Retching Of Pigs? Blood Diarrhea? Please speak up if you think I've misjudged this particular work as the WORST.

Of your blog, I stand by my previous critique, though not without caveat.. your plan for the ducks is sound. Please expand.
rolf ill have 2 concead ur pont on walsh. i red abot two pages of transplotting an flang it out teh winder. not only was it uniteligible an a gratuitous degradation-fest but half hte dilog dint even 'ring' right. atleast to my ears. so i gues i jumpd to the conclusin that a biger waste of time was thereticly imposible. an also to the conclusien that nobody with any sense wuld subjec himself 2 welsh a second time. but u have shown that i was wrong on boht counts.

an thats waht scares me.

im glad u se teh wistom of my duck chasin. few ppl grasp teh necesity. ufortunatly the ponnd is froze now an the dukcs are in drydock utnil spring.
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