February 22, 2005

consarvation news

teh sun fuses 584,000,000 tons of hydragan inta heliom evary second. now when u fuase hydregen its efectivly ireplacable caouse as i understand it its easy to go tewards teh midle of teh binding enargy curve but its a real pain in teh ass to get back to the ends. heliam is inert so its basicly useles crap. an thares a finiate amount of hydogen in teh naborhood so the suns basicly pisin away a nonrenewable resorc3e to no good purpoase taht i can thikn of. just wastin it.

furtharmore teh waste heat form the sun is balived to afect the earaths climate.

this isue needs to be adresed by the apropriate tranisnatinal body. we need a action plan and a timetabal an we need em now not later. ovarsight an planin an acountabilaty.


reder jake-the-peg shrewedly observs '99% of the Sun's heat is wasted. They should switch it off at night.' raeder philap sugests privetization. i thikn hes on the riaght track thare.


redar audrey hawtrey got it figard out: 'If the sun made effective use of solar panels it could do without nuclear power altogether.' see? u gota thikn otside tehb ox.

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99% of the Sun's heat is wasted. They should switch it off at night.
A typically uninformed comment on this very important issue. For over 100 years, and particularly in the last fifty, the forces of free enterprise have been working hard to solve this problem. Thanks particularly to the transport and energy industries, there is now a sufficient amount of carbon in the planet's atmosphere to hold the stray heat from the soon-to-be-privatised solar resource and keep it from being dissipated. In a decade or two, we should have conserved almost enough to fricassee your grandchildren as they join their fifteen billion business partners on Earth plc.
Don't have children. Problem solved.
And another thing: helium is not "useless crap". If you breathe it, your vocal cords contract and your voice becomes higher. This is obviously very useful if you are a cartoon character or in desperate need of a party piece, as many bloggers are.
dude man teh suns abot 1,500,000° centagrate in teh corona! heliam at taht temparaturs not gona shrink ur vocel cords as much as itl more er less vaporize em.

so yeh its a greate party trikc but u can only do it once.
Nah, not much Helium in the corona, it all sinks into the core where it's only about 3000°C --- so Philip may be onto something there.

Also, without Helium there'd be no blimps.
Anyway, if you are a cartoon character you'd probably get away with nothing worse than a temporary facial porphyrification, multidirectional ocular rotation and hypersussuratory aural vapour emission.
cool. then im all set.
Mickey Mouse's ears are a representation of the duplex nucleus of helium. Why else do you think he talked like that?
If the sun made effective use of solar panels it could do without nuclear power altogether.
if sloar panels chagned anytihgng theyd be outlawd.
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