February 16, 2005

teh comon holiday of teh humankind — yes you!

north koraen funhog kim jong il is 63 yers old tody. he is repoarted to remain 'undefetable' an to retain his 'incomperable corage'. good to know.

Media reported the unseasonable blossoms of wild flowers, citing them as divine evidence that the nature was also celebrating the birthday, the "common holiday of the humankind." Around the country, exhibitions were held featuring Kimjongilia — a red flower cultivated to blossom around Kim's birthday.

hapy birfdy great leder.

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Maybe they should celebrate his birthday by cutting back on defense 0.01% and buying every north Korean a bowl of rice to eat every day.
i think kim jong il ahs teh funds otharwiase alocated. if u mean teh rest uf teh wrold ok wel as i recal thats whose mostly fedin em now.
i ment mr kim. (mr il?) unnecessary sabre rattling, 10 yard penalty.
Let a thousand flowers bloom for the Dear Leader.

May the Americans overcome their false consciousness and realise the dyslexic chimp is leading them to their doom.

The Great Satan, America, is a paper tiger.
I will forever think of Mr Il as having the voice of Cartman, thanks to Team America.
i thikn it mihtgt be mr kim since has dad was kim il sung. i scoard a 800 on teh resoning-by-analagy-from-near-perfect-ignerance portian on my SATs. anyway if i psoted abot polatics i get waht i daserve. whioch is why usuly i avod it.

u say u met him? whoa. thats prety cool. is it treu he infusas evarybody he mets whit teh victorious revolutionary spirat of teh victorious songun revolution an junche an all taht jazz? i gues that wuld explian why u went inta managment.

h.b. u have in one fel swope canvinced me taht chirac is rihgt abot teh dangers of aamaracan culture prolifaratign. holy crap.

sputerbotom dude totly! i culd lead em to they're doom way faster. teh paper runing dogs of teh yankee blodsukcing captelist wolfs are a papar tiger indeed! teh fascist octapus has snogged its swan an swooned!

btw nowadys its not 'gret satan' an 'litl saten' but insted its 'tall satan' 'grande satan' an 'vente satan'. pls make a noat of it thx.
American culture? Dude, like, duh. Whatever.
"teh fascist octapus has snogged its swan an swooned" this is genius AHAHAH. Must have been the black swan of trespass.
Flowers blooming out of season. Hm. More likely radioactivity or toxins are causing the problem, not some dude's birthday.

hey proj ur not bein fare. if it wernt his birfdy thaire wuldnt be an toxans to began whit. u raductinist bastard.
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