December 30, 2004

wel heres what i think

i donut liek thee mr spock
the reson why i canot grok

update! ok!

but thsi i kno an its a fatc
i doe nat like thy mr... ummm... spatc.

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I dineout grok the Msgr Hinelin.
my kiroporachtochor ges my spin aline.


butus i cann lak the bag wodin duckx.,

balg gone god, kip tiop up! god lauk,ok, AH AH A?H
Uhuru? Do you?
i dian out weth my cheiropractor allot. he keps telin me he predics im gona pikc up the chak an holy crap hes usuly rite. so he knos his bisnis prety good. but hes not a monsingor.

im glod u like my bolog! thanku!

Your fetishes are entirely your own business. Kindly keep them to yourself in future.

Yours Sincerely,
Alex Trench, esq.
my fateshes ar everbodys busins u shld knwo that by now.
I think your marital epigram is lovely.
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