May 14, 2005


one a my nabors useta be maried.

one night theid hada partked the car six bolkcks away bafore cause that was teh nerest they culd find. then teh next day she an her husban wlaked outa teh house an thare was a empty parking spot rihgt there! well so she stood in teh space whiale he wen't to get teh car. but teh funy thing was he had one of thoase momants that mareid ppl sometimes have an hejust kept drivign. so she wiated thhare for an hour an than anothar hour an then all night an finely the next day aruond lunchtime she strated to relize somethign had gone very wrong. so she got a chiar an put it out there an went inside for a bath an a nap.

he sent her a letar form new mexaco six monthas later askign for a davorce. shed kept the parkign space taht whoale time — out thare day an night — so ti was a bit of a blow but what culd she do? so shhe worote back an said 'yeah sure if thats what u feel u gota do but if u evar come back here an thikn ur getin taht parking space back ur outa ur mind.'

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Why couldn't she behave in a civilised fashion and send half the parking space to him in New Mexico? Unless she paid for it all, of course, or it was being held in trust for a child of which she had custody. Then she'd be justified in keeping it to herself.
i se what u mean but the divison of prakign spaces is a bad precadent an a revivel of teh salic law. teh pernicious results of this are visibal in ferance whare parking spacas are dividad in evary genaration an as a rasult theyve got very small cars.
If she was the kind of woman to stand on the street for hours at night I'm not surprised he left her. What choice did he have, really?
six bollocks away? is this some strange north american practice?
h.b. - wel yeah i guess. but still i thikn teh husbend bears a geate deal of rasponsabilety in a case like that. i mean if you dont keep em discaplined whose to blame whan they go bad?

eskamo - a ballock is a unet of mesurmant roughly equel to thtree fifts of a linear hectare expressed in octaves. but its esier to remembar as 18 stoane an 2.3 sidereal quarts. teh metric systam has so lital flaver dont u think?
...but in teh sotherarn hemasphare its just teh oposite of course.
there's a man in uganda who makes a living by hanging round the equator with a bucket of water and a funnel, and charging people to see the water swirl down the funnel in different directions, depending on the hemisphere. i don't know if this is sleight of hand, or physics, but it just goes to show that unsubstantiated scientific factoids can be lucrative.

i don't mind going metric, apart from penis size, which should remain imperial.
I don't think that water swirling thing is true at all. It is a bold-faced lie, in fact. I would bet that man all his money, if I ever met him.
It is a lie, or at least a mistaken belief. The spin imparted by the Earth'srotation is so slight as to be almost immeasurable. The water swirl direction has far more to do with the direction the water enters the container.

In breaking Star Wars Gek news - Darth Vader has a blog.
aragarararamon ur forgating the varying afects of gravity as a funtion of altatude.

if ur at teh exact centar of teh erth ur gona be 'wateless' cause theres a equel amount of mass on all sides pulin on u. so teh frather form tehcenter of teh erath u are the more garavity u experience. this is why ppl on jupitar are so haevy. teh obviouos corerlary is that their not ur berother. HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HEEE HEE!
Didn't understand that. Why shouldn't Agamanemone have a brother on Jupiter?
interesting article. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you know that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.
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