May 04, 2005

personnel only!

saw this door in teh harvrad square subway statoin in cambridge (the real one in masachusats. not teh one in wales er whatevar):

photograph of door marked 'personnel only'


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Clown alert!

Harvard square looks like a clown friendly kinda square.
boy is it evar! but its teh streat musicans thatr teh wrost. whats scarry is taht howevar clownfrenly it may be centrel squaire is still wrose. i mean if u wana buy a quart of vegen tatoo ink thats teh place to go.
Squares ain't never complete without at least a couple of hardcore winos sipping trampjuice on pigeon shite coated benches.

That other Cambridge place is sure hard to beat in this regard.
While your comments may be accurate, they are very hurtful. As a longtime resident of central square, I protest!
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