April 29, 2005

"last time i sawr nome chompsky..."

...he was sittin on teh banks of hte sea
whit a .44 straped aruond im an a banjer on his knee.

ovar at chase me condi their tryina come to terms with teh fact taht nemo chompsy listans to mahler or some godawful crap li9ke that. an there wondarin what leftys do listen to if its not 'conservetive' clasical music.

but taths easy: all the leftys in cabmridge listen to bluegrass for hevans sake. except nome who aint got his mind right yet. guess he mised the memo.

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And dont pick on the Cantab. Typical right-wing lunacy. Where will it end?
hey whose pickin on teh cantab?! i was the're just a cople weks ago. saw a blugras band named spognebob squaredance. i liked em.

spekin a which a guy who palys there alot just had a highprofial gig playign lefty crap with bryucst spriingstene. hes form ur almamutter evan. hes a prety damn good banja playar. also in his one band they do a blugrass rendition of 'bust a move' by young m.c. an its realy fun. an good too.
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