April 28, 2005


not quiate suare what to make of this. but its importent. ive no dobt abot taht. he has somethign crucial to tell us. if onely we culd undartstan!

found it at althuonse.


uor reder rob syas 'His grammar leaves something to be desired...' an hes right! teh porblam is theres not enuogh prepesitions. their such smal an inofensive litl wrods u can prety much sprinkle em in anywhere for deceration. so a truly of elegent prose for style with has em every two or to three from wrods.

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I think he's trying to tell us it's crucial not to neglect the exclamation mark in your posts!!!!!
Full marks for exuberance. His grammar leaves something to be desired though doncha think HA?
rob i thikn u put ur figner on it!!!1!1!!11!!!!
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