January 06, 2005

a exparament that faild

i want over to soth station to get piza for launch. an their was this guy in line who lolked like dustan hofman the actor. too a scery degree! so i got too thinking ok if u know sombody than he knwos you to so therfore mabe if sombody loks like sombody u recognize than u wil look like sombody he recongizes. an theres only 1 way too find out! so i slaped this guy on the bakc an yelld 'hey hi howareya ol buddy howya doin!' but he just lookd at me real suspicus an mutered somthing an kinda sidled away.

so i gueass my thery isnt worth much.

er. i shuld mention that um... well ok it wasnt just you're ordinary slap on the back. it was mor of a sort of thumpiggn or pounding. i mean it stagered him prety good. but he staid on his feet like a champ!


radar mnk comments 'You really need to test your hypothesis a few times' an i can se his piont. so if i spot that dued agin ill rely walop him good an proper an let u knwo how it turns out!

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You shouldn't be discouraged so early on in your trial. You really need to test your hypothesis a few times.

A chiemp usaolaly darnst stey one hes fet. he nuckle wakls.

Jeff, raider of your bilge
Next time kiss the back of his neck. He won't sidle then, trust me.
hogboby so do u know that guy? whats his deal?

mnk ur probly right. oen test isnt satisicaly meningful. next few times i se him ill try it agan.

bilge raider what i ment was chipms haiv a low cetner of grativy. so its hard to knock em over. beliv me ive treid. oh how ive triad.
Yeah, I know him. In his spare time he dresses as a girl, and he looks a bit like Tootsie.
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