January 03, 2005

kilar fact!

fish sos is made from roten sardeans! it smels like cat breth! ok!


reder jef brigsns up the subject fo golbfesh. im not real suer why but he does. so anywya it truns out that all godlfish ar crarps but not al carpas r gdolfish. an that explanes it. so wtih set thoerey u cn figur out anythign!

also 1 mor thing! goldfash an bats do nto coaxest in amity as som ppl sem 2 think.

another update!

ok i made thai fryd rice last nite an id be ramiss if i didnt mention that fis sace smels kinda liek underweare to. also i forgot two get a liem so i put a litl rice vanegar on it an that didnt do any harm anyway. oh an im wicked peved at my sautie pan case its botom is convex but thats another story.

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Ok I think that is very misleading and unfair. Fish sauce is made from FERMENTED sardines.

Mix fish sauce with west indian scotch bonnet pepper sauce for a really crazy dipping brew.
Hum. Mybae may gdoldfresh ll laki taht one. i dunut now ef he cna smeil bat hi sukces.

dude glodfihs cn smlel bats from miels away. an thats how they know its tiam 2 hide form teh bats. golbfesh an btats play a darin catnmouse game for hi staiks ery day of they're lievs but nobody nos abot it. if u culd let ppl bet on em youd make a bundle.
anohter fact: u cant farment a golobfishs. sientasts call thta a proparty of imfermantability. tyhats why they use saradins for the soce.
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