June 01, 2005

dear lord make them go away

today i saw this guy stagarin aruond portar sqaere werin a warewolf mask. so i was gona wlak up to im an say 'hey asscrank take off teh stupad mask ok?' but than i thogt holy crap what if its not a mask. what if he was bron taht way. than itd be like totly insensative.

u shuld nevar cal atention to ppls ethnicety. because they may not be aware of it.

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Marvellous 'Neighborhood News' section. Can't accuse the Porter Square resident journalist of underdramatics.
"A Strip Mall With Class"? What in the world is a strip mall? Surely it can't be what I'm thinking.
muad - yeh cambrge is liek a buncha dumb litle hick towns gluead toagather but with more leftys. an harvrad an m.i.t. an frekishly expensave rel estate. (ha ha ha! i had diner with somea my lefty frens on mondnay an teh leftyest of em ws moanin about real estate taxes bein too high! but it wulda been mean to make fun). but u know what i meen.

h.b. im sory to say ur right. its not what ur thiknign. its a buncha stoarefronts bult togehthar with a parkign lot. heres one in samoa of all places. most of protar squere isnt like that. duno what their thiknign.
It was the Porter Square Slayer that particularly caught my eye. But even the journalist seemed mostly interested in his educational c.v., so I take your point.
Sorry Ha, it's Maud not Anonymous.
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