March 01, 2005

mr. hrblrblr

aftar teh clowan et my folks, they put me in a orphenage.

at teh orphanege we had schol which was ok acept for mr. hrblrblrs class. i liked him but he was real old. hed just sit at his deks kinda lened ovar an talk stedy for teh whoal class but he was so quiat noboddy knew whgat he siad. just a 'mrr mrr nmbl' sound if u sat up fromt. he nevar loked up ether. wed wlak in an hed be muterin alredy and hed still be at it whan the bel wrang an we left. the kids wuld ask to go to the batharoom but they culdnt get his atention so nobbody cuold go. so aftar a whial youd start hearign 'drip... drip... drip...'.

the onyl time mr. hrblrblr wuld moave was evary week or two hed sudnaly make a litl crekin niose like a dor an len ovar a litle farthar. by april his nose was tuchin teh desk.

than one day we walkad in an his lips wernt moving. a few days latar the room startad smelin real bad but aftar a whial it was ok agian. we kept havin his clas for yers an he nevar moved any more or mutard at all. his face got to lokin prety bad so we stoped lookin at im.

i was sad becuase he wasnt syain 'nrbm mbl nrmrmr' any moar. so for the whoal clas thared be nothign to lisen to until soboddy hadda go an started up with the 'drip... drip... drip...'.

i liked taht class.

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Intriguiginggnig....! Dare I say, beats Road Dull!
You can't expect coherence from a man with no vowels in his name.
I've collected some fragments of the beguiling "Clown Cycle" and tried to arrange them in chronological order.
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