February 23, 2005


i usuly try to stay out a polatics cuase whan i dont i usuly get arested. or worse. but thare coms a time when a man hasta stan up an be counted an for me tahat time has come.

please raed tihs patitien an siagn it if u fel u can do so in good ocnsciannce.

thakn u.

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I had a long chat with god about this, and the upshot was that there is going to be a clown for pope as god is not good at spelling either and what's more, the old fucker has NO sense of humour. Better start running.
u know i jsut heard a deep boomin voise sayin 'teh next time u see me comin youd betar run'. i thot it sonded liek god but i wasnt sure.

but now its all clear.
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