March 17, 2005

st. padrics day

robert mugabe mugabe: 'begorrah! this feckin lager is shite!'

wel swizle me lepracans! its taht time o' year agian.

hears teh thing. u run inta people in amareca who cal thamselvs 'irish' an its mosly crap. i mean theseare ppl wose ansesters fled teh famine in 1849. at this piont theare about as irish as bob mugabe. its a lota sentamentel crap. but hey its harmlas.

so tharefore: amarican irishmen are fruads. an irish irashmen are evan more irish then they are. tharefore teh latter are even moar fraudalent. i mean teh simple fact that they live in iareland is prety damning in itself. tlak about tryign too hard! so why teh hell dont they just cut it out an drop teh phony acent an talk americen like a nomral damn irishmen? eh?


whats 'bagorra' sapsoed to mean anyway? its not evan a wrod! who are they tryign to kid?

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You've obviously been smoking craic, Mr O'Hynes, so you have.
Is the whole sordid spectacle not just an excuse to sell guinness? It has started to migrate to englishland as well (go figure, the Irish hate us anyway when we're NOT drunkenly aping them in green foam hats). It is loathesome, as is guinness. Bah.
Also Bobby McGarbie is scottish as any fule kno.
Also Bobby McGarbie is scottish as any fule kno.
I frequent an Irish pub called "Murphy's" which don't even sell Murphy's! I'm not making this up.
"Begorrah" is the polite form of "Ballymaclafferty".
rob hey i liek ginnes! from teh pumpy thign. in botls its awful.

piere wel if u got a forg name whddya expect eh?

phillap dosnt sound so polite to me. infact if somboddy siad 'bargora' to me id probly punch im. 'balymclafferty' on teh othar hand wuldn bothar me at all. guess i shuldnt go to iarlend then.
I like gin. And Robert Mugabe. I know lots of irish people. None of them say 'begorrah'. I doubt any irishman ever has. The most irish thing any irish person has said to me is 'I like boiled cabbage and potatoes'.
There’s no such place as Ireland. When a ferry gets twenty minutes out of Liverpool, it doth plunge off the end of the world.

If you’re ever in Bologna, check out their Irish pub. It is full of Albanian pimps and North African drug dealers.
Anyone who stays in Ireland is a masochist. They all have EU passports- there is nothing at all to stop them moving to the Mediterranean, or London.
Well, Robert McGabe didn't stay in Ireland did he? He moved to Rhodesia and now he and his pals are farmers and none the worse for it, as Hynes' picture shows, though the prior Brit landowners aren't too happy.

No use trying to make omlettes if you're going to cry over spilt milk, I guess!
'Begorrah' means 'After one more dance we'll all go and smack the english with sacks of potatoes'. It's one of those phrases that got truncated over time, like 'Antidisestablishmentarianism'.
Yes, of course. And "sheep dip" is the truncated form of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwryndrobwillantsiliogogoch, I suppose.
Ha, where are you?
Perhaps the umbrellas got him.

Or maybe the casowaries.

Its not so much that they haven't *killed* anyone since 1926 but that they haven't been *caught*.

Sneaky little buggers.
"Begorrah" means "bugger" and is seldom used in polite Gaelic company. It derives from the Old High Gaelic root, "Mhághóírhaigh" (to offer stiff resistance / to thread a needle / to go boldly).
"To go boldly". So that's the reason for the famous split infinitive in the voice-over at the beginning of Star Trek. They were afraid of lowering the Hibernian rating and exciting the righteous wrath of Cardinal O'Bejaysus with the implication that the crew of the USS Enterprise spent all their off-screen time on rectal docking manoeuvres.
SCOTTIE: Captain, I cannae hold it much longer! I cannae push her any further or she'll explode!

KIRK: Bugger!

So there's this Irish fella in England going fer a job on the building.

"Well" sez the boss "We need to do a test on building methods".

"Go ahead sorr" says our hero.

Question one: "What's the difference between a joist and a girder?"

"Sure that's simple. Joist wrote 'Ulysses' and Girder wrote 'Faust'"
Come on in and lower the tone, why don't you. We were just having a nice civilised discussion about Celtic/Pictish etymology, TV science fiction and the penetration of Klingon bolt-holes with advanced torpedo technology, and then you had to drop by. Trust a bloody magistrate to head straight for the depths of taste. I reckon it's the wigs make them that way.
rob, not sure you should be pulling him up on language. talking about englishland then using american english 'go figure'...... tut.
Pull Ha up on his language? Not possible. Where IS Arlington more to the point? I am getting heartily sick of looking at Bobby and would like something to entertain me at work.
You're not down in Peru with Hariy Horton, are you? Ha?
I believe Bogol is currently on holiday in Bulgaria, where he's hoping to meet some Bogomils (aka "bougres").
I disagree. I believe Bogol is in Burgos, bugging the burghers for a burger.
No no, people. Bogol is in the bibliotheque burning books a la Jorge of Burgos.

But really, where is old Arlington?
jeez u ppl ned to get a liafe.
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