March 15, 2005

bugs an whatnot

i sawr a lizid. it was greean an scailey.

but it was jsut a real lizad tho.

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It's funny you should say that, because I just found this article about the Bogomils:


Literally 'one who commits buggery' (anal sex), 'bugger' derives from Bulgaria and the Bogomils. These were originally a heretic Christian sect who were stigmatised as sodomites. Section twelve of the UK 1956 sexual offences act refers to buggery. According to this, buggery is sexual intercourse between males or between male and female in an 'unnatural manner', or between male or female with an animal in any manner whatsoever. This word is often used affectionately, as in 'lucky bugger'; 'jammy bugger'; 'flash bugger'; 'old bugger' and so on, and is sometimes softened to 'beggar'."
Are you sure? It could have been a lizard person without his suit. Or a lizard person IN his suit disguised as a lizard in an elaborate double bluff. Was it big lizard?
audray u have wel an teruly stonkard me. is 'buger' a misperint for 'blogar' or what?

rob. erm. wel ok it mabe wasnt exactaly a lizared. but it was sort of. um. lizerdish. in a way. it wasnt waht id cal a big lizered rely. wel not real big.
Same question here audrye, funny he should say what?

Bogomils, bogol, bugs, bugger, all begins with "b"? Is that what you mean?

I've never seen a real lizard. I think you are a very special person.
i yoost two liv in folrida end thay hav lats uv lizrds ther, bat thay r borring. lizrds r gud et staring end swollowing evry wunse in a wile.

i beleev thay r reincoronations of bagamils end bulgariens--thats wut u get u balken freeks!

Jeff, keping wel awey frum heresie end
cyrilik letars
buy teh whey, Mister Arlinton Copulate Hyenas, wie duz it say, "umbrellas free the lobstars in a nutshel" on the side of ur bjolg?

thes cant bea troo; et sowndz like albertgensiansim to me, so wach owt.

Jeff, reding caerfoly

PS anuther untroo theng--wen thay sey two u, "ef ive towld u wunce, ive towld u a handred tiems." this is fandametallism and can tern u ento a frag, so bea coerfull. i alwaze ofer tham a handred dollers and gev them a buk; it staps tham shorte.
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