March 12, 2005

free the lobstars!

sterange doigns ovar at litl man waht now.

teh nub of hte gist is as folows:

A good wholesome demo this afternoon spent educating the public about the suffering caused by humans to these majestic ocean animals.

emphesis mine.

animel riaghts ppl are such a easy target its hardly fair to knock em aroun. its like shoatin lobatars in a baral! but... 'majetstic'?!

by the way juia chlid says u can sevar a lobstars spinel column whit a knife imeditely befoar throwin im in teh pot an it wont harm the taste a bit. i mean queite frankly i dont relish teh thought of boilin one of em aliev myself evan if it is just a big ol bug. id do it in selfdafense if i hadda but not in cold blood.

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Apparently wood lice taste like prawns. Does that mean armadillos taste like lobsters?
I HATE HATE HATE this bullshit. Majestic animals of the sea? Fuck me, if those bastards infested your house & started siphoning the crap straight from your sink trap you'd complain. Aaaah! A big fuckin bug! Filtering the grease trap! Kill it! Kill it! These people need to be beaten to death with their own rubber shoes. I prefer langoustines. I would like to see you back that claim HB (BTW I'm trying to find that dormouse recipe for you).
Lobsters don't cook too well in cold blood- you have to heat it up first.
Lobsters taste just like overpriced free range chicken. Without the blood. Waste of time, I think.
Lobsters taste just like overpriced free range chicken. Without the blood. Waste of time, I think.
Killer Fact! Horseshoe crabs have blue blood. Dunno bout lobsters.
hemocyanin riaght?
Spooky- HAHAHA knows Limulus uses a copper ion instead of an iron ion to bind oxygen.

Rob- lobster blood (fellow-crustacean) is sometimes said to be basically colourless,
but decapods also employ haemocyanin as their sanguine O2 carrier, making for microscopically blue blood as explained here
Apologies for this response, but luuuurve lobsters.
Lol 'majestic'. Reminds me of protesters in New Haven I saw once carrying signs "Burger King Kills Whales." You see, Burger King, sort of a 10-cents-further-upscale Micky Dees, had a 'fish' sandwich called the 'Whaler' ....

Rob dude I hear you a man's sink traps are one of his last refuges from the long arm of society. When I think of those bastards slinking up out o the drain like the second coming of Ralph Nader, bent on eating my little baby girl in her OWN BED, I feel PROUD that I leave 10 quarts of water simmering on the stove each night.
proj youve got to be jokeing abot taht newhavan thign. i know its a collage town an all but stil.

altho whan i was putin up flyars for teh whaling club in colege i did get one death thret. so u nevar know.

come to thikn of it mabe it was a alaberate hoxe? if so id be pruod to have thot of taht one myslef.
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