March 02, 2005


so whan i walk into teh stoare an buy just one head of garlric they alwys ask me if i wnat a bag. wel usuly no ill just put it in my pockat. but i aways say 'er no thanks ill just et it on teh way home'. er if its oliveoil i say ill drikn it.

u wuldnt balieve how much milage i get outa taht joak. they nevar luagh tho. thats probaly because im the 900th a-hole theyve sold crap to taht day an they arent payign much atention. thares anothar thery which is taht they dont lauhg because its moronic an its not funy. but that sems a bit farfetched.

by coancidenace emskio ovar at evarythign revwiewed is concernad abot packeging today also.


helo? helo? is tihs thign on? anyone? anyone? beular?

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i laughed. but then, i laugh at everything when i'm at work. & maybe i also laughed because i was flattered. hard to tell.
wel thank u for havign teh corage to lauogh. ur teh only one.
sorry... still glazed, picturing parents' night w/ Mr. drip...drip...drip
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