February 28, 2005

remrakable cultoral inovations reveled

"Our challenge is to teach others that every animal we intend to eat or use is a complex individual..."

oh for fucks sake! theyre godamn animels.

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i loev teh taest ov a coplmex invididual. taesty smaered one toste ore choped en a pott.

ad salte end--hay prastoe!--testy foud. enxpalning this toe sempltons iz oar tschallendzhe. on sekend thot, lats gev et a mis.

lats jast feede hur a hoarse end tal hur itts skallions. wen schee choakes, weel say, Sary, wee ment STALIONS. ide rathar daet a canibal then oen of thoze browser/graizer tipes.

i mene, ef u ken ketch et, wye not ete et?

Jeff, dont chaze me i havnt read
I always wanted to design a creature with grips and stuff in all the right places a sort of customised shagging machine.

My friend told me God had already done this - its called a woman.
Of course they're bloody complex! that's what makes 'em so tasty. Look at all the neat food you can make out of 'em. Now that's a complex animal yer pig. Mmmmmm...
Splatterbot- you mean women are the shaggees? I never thort of it that way before... Anon- you get 10/10 because you separated a morphological from a cultural innovation. Yeah, cheers, thanks a lot.
Does that mean I did good? I like it when people use dem big words at me. 10/10. Excellent. I had pancetta for my tea; of which I am inordinately fond. I like pigs. Aligator however, tastes like a cross between beef & candlewax.
"godamn animels"? Shurley animeals, answers in the question dear boy.
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