February 11, 2005

a nihgt of terer

i dremd of teh clowans agian.

a clown whith his keen noase can trakc a sent for mials.

whan i was encarcarated there was a chainfenced pen fulla clowns. theyd be in there hoalin an barkin an weepin all hours of teh day an night. bashin against teh fence an snapin their dripin fangs. sometiams theyd be quiet an youd wlak by an theyd expload inta a franzy! 'yapyapyap! harrooo!' etc. whith their gliterin swivelin clowany eyes al buged out an lungin at ya.

fare done gime a turn it did.

an so teh night when i ascaped tehy found me misin an they let teh cloawns out. five mials acros teh mors behint me i culd here em comin. i ran an ran for hours but they ganed on me stedily. finly runin down a hilside i stombld an fel. i turnd an they're they were in the moanlight on teh crast of hte hill behind me lepin down the sloape like devils shiriekin an slaverin. they ware off their chains an i thot it msut be teh end of me. but stragengly they stremed on past an kept goin.

whan they were goan i made good my ascape. in the moarning a isolated farmin famly tok me in. the radio sadi a pack fo clowns had kilt an et a whoal famely at a loanly crosrods.

noboddy new what becaim of em. sometims i hear em stil.


teh notorias syndicalist agitater zerlesen allerts us to the mennace of teh kilar klowans form otter space! prety cool.

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Fuckin' hell! Did you shit yourself?
no moar then necesary.
That must have been terrifying. But what about the dream?
These - er- clowns. How many legs did they have? Did they have tails by any chance?

It must have been a very nasty experience.

Is there any place I can buy some of what you are on?
Your clowns upon the moors are far more frightening than Doyle's and Hardy's. This was one of your most beautiful postings, and all the while reading it I heard the fiddle and lyrics of "Old Joe Clark" and the voice and mandolin of Bill Monroe...that's what comes of old age, too much booze, and reading Bogol on a Satidy nite.
They kept going because you are a clown, too. Everybody's a clown on the funny farm.
I keep re-reading this post. It’s brilliant.

You are gifted, my son.
Weir steal gonna git cha! (tha Clowns)
thnak u! thakn u! snif sniif.

bystnadner thay have 2 legas like any clowen. what kidna questin is that? i see no reson to impung my jornoulistic intergity hear.

h.b. on col widswapt nights whan teh fiendes are yodalin in back bay the whoal exparince comsas bakc to me in dereams an i waike up bolt upriat giberin.
hi bee!
buh bye bee!
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