February 04, 2005

bok globule!

a bok globule is a blob of glop in deap space.

some ppl are prety sure their turning into stars. but i dont fal for that kinda crap evar since i fond out the moon ladning was fake.

mianly its cool bacaues 'globule' is a cool wrod. espacialy if u repet it dogedly for abot ten hours.

abiguuos antacedent update!

its the globules that some ppl thikn are turnign into stars. their may be ppl who think tehy thamselvs are turning inta stras but i cant voch for taht.

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Do you suppose that if you listen to Philip Glass for ten hours straight it will end up sounding good?
Bok globules are named after Mr Bart Bok. Lot's of stuff in space is named after him. The Bok crater on the Moon is named after him, as is the asteroid 1983 Bok. There is a Bok crater on Mars as well, but it is named for a geographical location in Papua New Guinea and not after Mr. Bok. I bet he was furious about that, but you can't have everything.
wel now teh philop glas thing is like this. imagine takign a blop a coton candy (which i thikn u ukians cal 'cadny flos') an twitsin it inta a roap. than thred the rope in ur left ear an out teh right. then drag it bakc an froth rythmicly. thats phalep gloss an by god tahts why i hate im.

so. i dont think doin that for ten huors is gona chagne anything acept mabe scrape out alot moar braincels than if u only did it for ten minutes.

bart bok?! bart bok! waht a coil name! whoa! bart! that totly rules! hard cheas about teh cratar on mars though.
John Cage said, ""If something is boring after two minutes, try it for four. If still boring, then eight. Then sixteen. Then thirty-two. Eventually one discovers that it is not boring at all." But I think he stole it from the Zen Buddhists.
heh heh. thats kinda cute.

trouble is after 15 iterations uve spent 45 solid days doin soomthin borin. unles cage is rihgt an it it gets intrestign after a bit but i dont trust him wroth squat.
The lucky thing for Cage is that people bought his idea, so he turned into a gilded Cage.
hell be a gelded cage if i evar get my hans on im.
My google reader lied to me and told me this post was new. What the hell, google? Anyway, It was nice to read it...again.
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