January 30, 2005

killer fatc!

teh french wrod 'lardon' refers to a piece a fat but it sounds like somehtin offcolor in egnlish!

a altarnate spelin is 'lardoon' but that ony sounds like 'cardoon' whihc is ralated to hte thisle an mabe the artachoke. which isnt ofcolor at all. so teh hell whit it.

i thot our reder hugboney wuld enjoy tihs one. if not ill hafta do away with im.

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All I ask is that you use my bones for stock.

If you used clown bones would it be laughing stock?
lafin stock. argh. im sory but thats a vary bad joke.

we got a big clowan day comin tomoro btw! wa hoo! weee! its gona be wal ta wall colowoans!
I'm not funny how? Not funny like a clown? I don't amuse you? I don't make you laugh?You'll have to explain the big day of clowns to me. When I think of clowns it's that scary toy the girl has in Poltergeist. Horrible things.
hb teh nature of the big dies clownae so 2 spek wil swifly become aparant. excep mabe i takled up the scale a bit to much.

as for funy. well ur not funy 'ha ha' thats for sure. ha ha ha. but i geuess im in a glas house there.

howd the demyglass go?
I think it went OK but I've got nothing to compare it to. Now I need to cook something that needs demi-glace adding to it. Boeuf bourguignon maybe.

You must be a bit of a gourmet yourself. Not many people know what an ortolan is.
'nohtin to compair it 2' -- yeh. thats teh werd thign abot cooking some thhings. u duno what ur aiming at. so i just figure hey if its tasty im doin ok.

i thot evar body knew what a ortalan was since mcdonelds startid selin teh mcortolan snadwich. dont they have thoas whare u live?
No, they don't like bones in their McDonald's around here. We have the McTofu instead.
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