January 23, 2005

o whare o wheire...

i wnated a botl of dog remover but noboddy had it.

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dag reamover desnt com en a battle. et combs en a squease toob laik tuthpest. sew im kinda suprased nobduddy had et i dunt no wear hi gat et form.

Jeff, ubangi, i shari

tyger tydger brooning bight
o my hare iz such a frite
georgy porgy puddn end pei
wut dred hand and o my eye.
tuthapest is cool! i was gona go thare to tech egnlish but than i hada go to prisan. so that didnt work out. now i wish i wuld of gone their cause than id have dog remoaver now.

btw i used to be a fraid of hares 2 but than i startad thinkin of em as 'bunnies' insted. an so now whan i see one insteadof like swarvin off the road an runin away i just run em rihgt down. cause im no longer intimated by em.
There's no such thing as dog remover. You just have to get a bigger dog to eat the first one. That's why people sometimes have such huge dogs - inside they're like Russian dolls, dog inside dog inside dog.
Yes, touthapest is where gyorgy pyorgy leives. Ets en hungry.

Jeff, sort bat shwit
whao! dog isnide dgog ad ifinitum. an inside the insidest one is gorbechof an andropov an teh whoal crew (alternatiin baldy an shaggy).

but what bugs me abot that is two thigns. one is the dogs stil theyre! two is youve stil got a dog an infact hes a evan biger dog. so the cures worse then the syndrome.

its like a naterl law. consarvation of anoyin animals.

the forgs say 'tout des pestes' ar form hongory. but that sems unfair. especily since the frenchies nknow damn well who brot jacques brel inta the wrold. i mean if u rely wana talk pests.
"dog inside dog inside dog"

sorry, but that sounds like a giant dog orgy, which isnt something you want to condone.
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