January 19, 2005


it says here us denazens of botson may posibly be in mortal danger. more then usual i mean. but mabe not.

my question is who exacly gives a rats ass? if we wernt weary of life anyhow wed of alredy moved someplace that dosnt suck.

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Doz bastin suke?

If bisrin surks, wat palce dozntet srik? braghdid? endonresia? marz? jast thunk the lard ur nat one mauna loa.

Liek teh felow sed, teh mann woh iz wary of bistrin iz worey ov leaves. (i thinck et wars berty worcester.)

Jeff, tihs stratejaket iz umconfrotabablle

--Seriously, though, I do hope nothing boring happens up there.--
What the hell does "blabbing to the yahoo" mean? You Bostonians sure do speak a crazy dialect.
actaly it was berty westaworcester what sed taht abot leafs. an if ur tired of boston ur probly tired of bricks too. bridcks an bricks an brikcs an bricks.

hugbunny a yahoo is a bozo. like in gullibres travels. hence the sech engine cause most ppl on teh net ir yahoos. an blabin is spilin teh beans. letan hte cat outa the bag!

jef thnaks. botson is borin enouhh as it is alredy.
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