January 13, 2005

new plol!

ok mabe im hrard up for materiel todey.

n.b.! this is a serous poal. it is also not rigd like teh last one. er. its not riged any ohter way ether.

who did japnan invade in mrach 1944?

pree poells from pollhost.com


com on guys france is ovbuisly a joak answer! an not evan a good on. i cant beliv ppl arnt takign tihs seriosly. im shoked.

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Aight gotha 1 france ez. Trick questin roffle. For oncet im in the majarti. Pace.
wabane ur bcka! btw the japanese did invead fraench idochina but i dont thnik that was in 1944. so ur half rite.
Com own gyus! Catn u goggle? ist idnia for corse! Som dammy pout koera, can u bleive itt?


thes paul socks
no u suck! sock scku sack! hahahahaha!
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