January 08, 2005

bfd player

i got a bvd plair! but it turned out it didnt work if i didn't have a tv. so i tok it bakc too the store an they wanted to knwo what hapaned to it. wel i siad it didn work so mabe i got a litl peave'd at it an mabe whaped it once or twise. u know how u hit the tv wiht a shoe an then it works. so i tryd that. but it didnt help so i brought it back too the stoar.

an than they wouldn giev me my money bakc! in fact they got kinda snarkastic. u might even say they we're a bit darisive abot the whoal thing. which i thaught was totly uncald for. i mean yeha it was in mabe tow or three pices but it didnt work anyway so who cares.

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