February 16, 2005

killer nose/elk fact!

teh famos sixtenth century astromomer tycho brahe lost his nose in a sowrdfightan used a met5alic proshtesis tharefter. he glud it on. he also had a pet elk taht got dronk at a party an fel down teh stairs an died.

im not makin tihs stuff up. wuld i lie to you?

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So that's where the Simpsons stole it from. I'm happy to see you're using numbers now, HA, I've always felt they are sadly unrepresented in the standard alphabet.

By the way, I thought you might be interested in . I stole the link from one of your fellow .
Bastard HTML.
yeh i fond zerlesen this moarnign. i liked teh one whare he decidses to becoem a snydicalist. an then he sayes 'belay' which is a cool wrod.
Bunny, in relation to your post, I put it to you that having an alcoholic elk is far more rock than sticking a plastic pope up your ass. I admired Brahe before, but Dude! A drunken dead elk! You learn summat new every day. I'd have linked all this shit together but I've got no clue how. Anyway, you're all round and about. Cheers, Rob (I bin makin' my own beer...)
Thank you kindly for the links, folks.

Didn't know that about Brahe. There certainly were a lot of zany scientists and mathematicians wandering around Europe at the time. Cardano is a personal favorite.
zerlesen ditto!

i liek taht bit abot cardoino kilin himself. i admiar a man whit teh corage of his covictions.
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