February 10, 2005

goud advice

ouyr reder Rob makes a good point:

I cut my thumb whilst carving a sculpture the other day, but I got away with it at the hospital by claiming to be a pervert.

u shuld always tel teh hospatal ppl ur a prevert. caues than theyl take u frist becos their thinking 'whoa cool a perevart! this ones gona be somethign interesin for a chagne!'

then of course its probably just some totly noromal head wuond. but there usuly prety nice abot it. teh anticepaetion alone britens up they're day.

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I am a pervert, but I've never actually cut my thumb. There should be more medical advice available for people in my situation.
Plus you get a free std check-up, which many may find useful.
I used to live with a guy who worked in A&E and from the stories he told me, perversion is the norm in hospitals. I remember one particular tale about a woman shitting on a glass-topped coffee table while her partner lay underneath it. It had a predictable punchline.
I have an ER fetish. I wouldn't say that it's made my life easier, but if I was doing it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. The only way I can get an erection is if a nurse is asking me detailed questions about my insurance coverage.
Can't move for them, HB. Sherry glasses, lightbulbs, fresh fruit, there is nothing too inappropriate to be stuffed into an orifice.

Then there are those who present with infected stomas, after using them for the wrongest purpose imaginable.
wel ive jsut lenarned a valuble leson abot what subjecs not to psot on.
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