February 07, 2005

kiler faact!

somtime aroun 1831 hte exploror john ross namd the boothia paninsuler after the gin distiler felix booth. bouth finansdb teh expadition. ros also fuond the norf magnatic poal whihc at taht time was on the boohtia pininsala.

that exebpadition was stukc their for fuor years! ros made his guys et fresh samlon an whatnot. some of em cmoplaind caose they figurd it was sapp they're strength an theyd be beter off eatin salt beef outa casks. but by a od coicadence they didnt get scurvy in spite a the diet. gee. go figure. spot a luck that!

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yess anshunt histrorie iz wunderfl. ded u no taht teh furst weels maid buy teh anshnt eejipshuns wur skware? aftur a wile, wen teh kornurs wor awff, tehy reeplaste tehm.

en ef i wuz awn teh phoneboothia penisyula, i wud reed the wastland too pasc teh taim. DUH! DOTTY! ALAKAZAM!
teh sandscrete langwij iz vary eksitinge. and tahts wut teh tundra said, rite?

Jeff, terning teh kornur nowe
u kno pathargoras ivented pantagonal weals an also dodecahedragonal ones. thats why tehy drondwed im! atlest i think thats why. mabe it was somethin else. he wuldnet et beans nether. whata freak. ida drowned im too.

ur rite about what teh tundera siad! i no a guy who knows a litl sasknrit an he says its got more then one plural. i thikn it was like snigular, dual, three-al, an finly regular plouaral. id herda langauges whit teh dual thign bafore but not threeish. duno even what ud cal that.

now this guy here is coplainin abot how screwd up our systm of time is. like it strats at 12 not at zero. so i tol him to blaeme it on hte babalonians. har har har. wel at lest its not subisdised.
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