January 31, 2005


i thikn u can buy a clown. you mihgt haiv to feed them somtims. i dont no waht their good for. jeff sayes you can make soup ott of em. but there not veal. theyr a clown.

if u wnat to get rid off one bafor it daprecaites 2 much i thnik u can do taht on ebay.

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i nevar sayed nuttin aboot soupe. is syayed boyle til onlye bonnes an hav a gud cry. its a aide too teh morning and greeving prosecs.

moas on teh ather hande mak grate swoupe. if i rekolect corolectly, ovilar twiste ascked for sum bat thei thowt et wars sumhow empropre. soe hee weint end rote a pome cald teh detested vilage.

Jeff, trine to fiynd teh villaje idjut

BS: yu sai cclounds arenet vile, bat tehy ar.

BBS: you sould sei a moa macking soupe. tey lock grate inn tose tal wite hatts.
a aid 2 teh moonin an groonin prosesc? oops! but than what do teh moas make soop out of if not cloans? do moas not greave? have tehy no humen felings?
Trouble is, if you eat clowns they taste funny.
spaterboto u cant see me but im bangin my hed on my desk.
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